How will I receive client enquiries matching my profile?

Handkrafted offers two methods for clients to connect with and commission a maker:

1. Posting a Brief: Handkrafted hand matches client briefs to a small selection of the most suited makers, each of whom can choose whether or not they wish to reach out to the client.

  • Once a client brief is posted and then reviewed, Handkrafted will allocate it to a small selection of the makers that it determines are most suited. Once allocated, you will be sent details of the brief and you will have the opportunity to express interest in engaging the client.
  • If you 'express interest' via the link provided, you will be immediately sent the clients contact details to engage the client directly. Furthermore, the client will receive an email containing a link to your profile and your contact details for their reference.
  • Handkrafted typically initially targets ~3 interested makers to engage with a client. If following initial discussions the client has still not found a suitable maker, Handkrafted may make further introductions.
  • Makers must update Handkrafted as to the success and outcome of their client interactions. Where a project is agreed upon with the client, all payments must be made via the Handkrafted payment facility where it's made available.
  • Handkrafted must be notified once the project is delivered, as we will then trigger a feedback request which is saved against maker profiles.

2. Direct Commissions: Clients can browse published profiles and portfolios and complete and online checkout of products marked available for online purchase or they can contact makers via the form provided. Where you are directly contacted by a client, makers have agreed to be bound by our terms and will notify Handkrafted of successful transactions and collect any client payments via the Handkrafted payment facility.

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