What fees are applicable to member makers?

It's free for makers to join and publish a Standard Profile on Handkrafted.

We also offer a Premium Profile subscription option for those makers wishing to take advantage of a suite of additional features for a richer listing. Read more about the different profile types available

For successful transactions resulting from a Handkrafted connection, an agreed commission is applicable and automatically deducted from payments made via the Handkrafted payment facility. Where payments are received directly from the client, an invoice will be issued to you for the agreed fee.

Commission rates and associated terms are confirmed directly with makers at the time of registration and following any changes to this agreement. For more information, please contact support@handkrafted.com.

Our price guarantee agreement with our makers means that the prices charged for any goods and services through Handkrafted are lower than or equal to any pricing available through other channels and direct enquiries.

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