How do I put forward proposals and engage prospective clients?

If your product listings allow for online purchase, a client can place an order via our online checkout and you will be sent a confirmation of the order and client details for fulfilment.

Alternatively where you express interest in a project brief or are contacted by a client through our website, you will be provided with the clients contact details via email (also available via the Maker Project Dashboard).

For all project types, we ask our makers to make every effort to connect with clients within 1 business day following their contact request.

It’s entirely up to makers to determine the best communication approach and level of detail for their initial client interaction. In some cases, it may be possible to provide a basic quote based on the information they have provided. In other cases, it may be more appropriate to reach out to the client to discuss the project in more detail or ascertain whether or not you are a good match for the project before spending any time preparing a detailed proposal.

We advise clients that where their project requires extensive time and effort to prepare a design, makers have the option to levy an upfront Design Fee (via the Handkrafted payment facility) for such a service. Typically makers will then offer to reduce the total cost by that amount if the client proceeds with the project.

Keep in mind the Price Guarantee agreed with Handkrafted regarding pricing communicated to clients. Handkrafted’s payment facility will automatically calculate and deduct any associated transaction fees from the amount dispersed to you.

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