How are payments typically structured?

Purchases via our online checkout require a 100% upfront payment.

For other project commissions, makers and customers have flexibility and discretion in mutually agreeing upon the pricing structure most appropriate for their project.

Payments must be made via the Handkrafted payment facility offered through the Handkrafted website. Once a pricing structure and amounts are agreed upon, the maker will send through the payment request(s) through to the client.

Here’s a typical payment structure:

1. Design Fee (Optional)

  • Where the project requires extensive design effort upfront, makers may request payment of a non-refundable fee to cover the associated costs for the time and effort involved. Should you go ahead with the project, makers may choose to deduct this amount from the remaining totals.

2. Initial Deposit

  • Given the high material costs of quality bespoke furniture pieces, it’s very common for makers to require an initial deposit.
  • As a result, such payments are often sent via the Handkrafted payment facility directly to the maker (ie. not an ESCROW payment).

3. Final Payment via ESCROW

  • For added peace of mind, Handkrafted offers a ESCROW payment type to minimise risks of failure to deliver the agreed product or service. This payment is then only released once the finished product is successfully completed and delivered.

Alternate payment structures, may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Full Upfront Payment; or
  • Full Payment on Completion; or
  • Installment payments aligned to agreed time or progress milestones.

It’s important to use the Handkrafted Payment Facility (ie. view the Handkrafted website) to ensure that all payments are audited and tracked for added assurance and security. Your online Project Details should include a comprehensive summary of all payments between you and the commissioned maker. If these details are not up-to-date (including any direct payments made to the maker), please contact Handkrafted via or request the maker to have the record updated.

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