Making payments via Handkrafted, a step-by-step guide

For payments that are not taken via our streamlined online checkout, the below information details the process for making payments via our payment system:

1. Receive & Review Payment Request

  • A payment request will initially be sent to you via an email notification, directing you to login to your Handkrafted account to progress the payment. Note that the link will take you directly to the relevant project and payment details. 

2. Make Payment

  • Payments are initiated via the associated Project Details record accessible from the Client Project Dashboard.
  • Locate the relevant payment instruction on the page and review the associated payment details.
  • Press the button titled PAY to launch the payment widget pop-up and progress through the payment workflow.
  • Select the appropriate tab to switch between available payment methods.
    • For Bank Transfers, note the payment details for your transfer
    • For Credit Card Payments, review/edit the credit card details
      • Note that credit card payments attract an additional 1.5% surcharge
  • Review/Edit your mobile phone number and Press SEND CODE to receive your one-time security code.
    • Note that Australian mobile numbers must begin with the country code +61 (eg. +61412123456).
    • You are only able to edit your mobile number for your first payment via Handkrafted’s payment facility. If you subsequently need to amend it, you can do this via the Account drop-down within the menu accessible from the top-right corner of the Handkrafted website (you will need to first close the payment pop-up to access that menu item).
  • Enter the 6-digit security code into the widget to confirm your payment and press SEND PAYMENT.

 3. Release Payment (for Escrow Payments Only)

  • Once you have received your product, you will be required to release the payment to the seller.
  • From the payment details section, Press the button RELEASE PAYMENT to open the payment workflow pop-up.
  • Acknowledge that you have received the product by flagging the tick box.
  • Review/Edit your mobile phone number and Press SEND CODE to receive your one-time security code. Enter the 6-digit code into the widget and then press RELEASE PAYMENT.
  • A confirmation email will be received to confirm payment release.

Note that for funds still held in escrow, you may also follow the links provided on the payment details widget to request a REFUND or raise a DISPUTE.

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