Requesting and receiving payments via Handkrafted. A step-by-step guide.

The below information relates to requesting payment for bespoke projects with Handkrafted clients. This workflow does not apply to payments made by clients via our online checkout for products you have marked as available for online purchase.

First navigate through to the associated project details via the Maker Project Dashboard, which is accessed from the top-right menu.

Select VIEW from the relevant project summary to view the project details.

Navigate to the section Send Client Payment Request

1. Enter the Payment Amount

  • This reflects the total value of the payment required, including all fees, taxes (where applicable), and shipping.
  • An indication of the amount you will receive once Handkrafted’s commission is deducted is detailed directly below the form field.

2. Select the associated Payment Type from the drop-down list provided

  • The Payment Type will be appended to the payment title as shown to the client.
  • It is entirely up to you and the client to agree on how you wish to structure payments for the project.
  • Note that only those types that are clearly marked ESCROW will trigger the ESCROW payment workflow. All others will result in a direct payment through to the maker once paid by the client.

3. Enter any associated Payment Notes

  • Payment notes can include any information about the project and associated conditions and provide greater clarity to both the client and maker (particularly if any dispute is raised in the future). Content you may wish to consider including:
    • Item description: sizing, material types, finished, etc
    • Conditions
    • Warranty and return information. If returns/refunds are not possible on custom items, it is worth reinforcing here. Equally if a limited warranty is available, specify details in this section.
    • Payment requirements. If payment is required within a certain timeframe to secure the quote or item, you may wish to specify.

4. Press SEND PAYMENT REQUEST. A confirmation message will appear once the payment item has been created and emailed to the client. You can navigate to the PAYMENTS section to view details of any payment requests and their status (note that you will receive an email confirmation once any funds are received).

5. For Escrow payments, you will also have the option to Request Payment once you have completed and delivered the item. The client will then receive an email prompt to release the funds to you.

IMPORTANT: First-time requesting a payment via Handkrafted?

You will see an action button titled VERIFY IDENTITY on the payment instruction.

  • This will open the payment pop-up window where you will be required to confirm your bank details for disbursement of the payment to you. You will also be asked to confirm your date of birth and address information (these are required for banking regulations concerning identity verification). Please ensure you tick the box ‘Are you a business’ so that you can be prompted to complete additional information about your registered business or company.
  • Review your details and if requested you may need to press SEND CODE. A 4-digit code will be SMS’ed to your nominated mobile phone number for you to enter and submit your request. The phone number must begin with +61.
  • To change your phone number, close the pop-up window and visit the Account menu (accessible from the menu on the top-right of screen once logged in. 
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