What is an ESCROW payment?

For bespoke commissions progressed outside of our online checkout, Handkrafted offers the option of an escrow payment facility for added peace-of-mind, via a trusted third-party payment provider. 

The ESCROW facility allows you to make payment into a secure vault. You then control the release of those funds to the maker only once you are satisfied with delivery of the product. 

Note that this payment type is best suited to final installment payments. Use of this payment type should be agreed with the maker prior to completing any payment, as a specially marked payment type and workflow will need to be adopted by the maker when creating the payment request via the Handkrafted payment facility. You will find such payments clearly marked as ESCROW when finalising the payment, otherwise the payment will result in a direct flow of funds through to the maker following payment.

In the unlikely event that there is any dispute between yourself and a maker regarding an amount held in escrow, Handkrafted will provide access to a third party dispute resolution service to assist in it’s resolution. Details of the dispute resolution service are referred to in our terms.

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