What are the payment methods?

Our online checkout allows payment via Mastercard & Visa at no additional cost.

For all other projects and commissions, our makers will send a payment instruction via our platform which will be received via email. The following payment methods are made available for such payment requests:

Bank Transfer (aka Wire Transfer)

  • Payments are made into the managed secure trust account of our payment provider, PromisePay, held with NAB. When selecting this payment method, a unique payment reference code will be supplied to you to include in the narrative/description of your payment to allow us to identify the payment.
  • Dependent on the cut-off times of the bank you are sending payment from (typically before 5pm AEST) confirmation of payment receipt will typically be made the following business day.
  • This payment option is provided at no additional cost.

Credit Card

  • We are currently only able to accept Mastercard and Visa.
  • An additional 1.5% surcharge will be added to the total transaction to cover the additional costs associated with this payment channel (noting that these costs are waived only for online checkout purchases).
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