Listing Products Available for Online Purchases

Makers can list products to be made available for online purchase directly through the Handkrafted website.

Each product can have a number of variations listed, each with a price associated. For example, a product may be offered in a variety of materials, sizes or colours.

Once orders are made via our website, a confirmation will be emailed through containing all the client information. Payment will be forwarded directly through to your nominated bank account. 

To make a product available for online ecommerce sales, ensure the relevant checkbox is ticked when editing the product information. The following information must be included for such product listings:

  • Product and Variant Pricing
  • Lead Time
  • Return Policy
  • Shipping Pricing

Once an order is received, we recommend contacting the client to provide a clear indication of expected completion timeframes (particularly if these differ from the estimates indicated on the product listing).

When you have completed and delivered the item, we ask that you update the order details (located via ORDER HISTORY menu) to MARK AS DELIVERED. This status update will be used to trigger a feedback form to the client and update the client's order status.


If you have not previously accepted a payment via Handkrafted’s payment system (for either online orders or bespoke projects), you will need to complete a short identity verification with our payment provider (a regulatory requirement for payment collection). Once the order is received, you will be able to complete verification by following the VERIFY IDENTITY link provided at the bottom of the order details page.

Please also ensure that your bank details have been included within your maker profile as these are provided to our payment provider as a disbursement account for any payments you receive.

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