Invoicing & Contracting with Clients: A Useful Checklist

It's up to you and the client to formally agree on specifications and enter into a direct contractual arrangement with one another.

We worked together with the Arts Law Centre of Australia to prepare a 'Design Commission Checklist' to assist you in developing your own set of comprehensive terms when contracting with your clients. Many makers have created a standard set of terms (often included on their invoice) that is provided to each client as a set of contractual terms for the commission, covering off important topics such as insurance, returns/exchanges, cancellation, warranties, etc.

Arts Law has a number of templates which can assist you and they can also review and customise specific to you.

Click here to view and download the Design Commission Checklist.

Contact Arts Law if you have questions about any of the topics discussed:

  • Telephone (02) 9356 2566 or toll-free outside Sydney 1800 221 457





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